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February 2012 Newsletter 

Maybee Sportsman Club

11490 Hoffman Rd. Maybee, MI 48159 734-439-1353

Range Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM



February 2012 Newsletter

MCCC Traveling Trap League 2012

February 12th @ East Rockwood        March 11th @ Carleton      April 15th @ Brest Bay

May 13th @ Wayne County

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            June 10th @ Ottawa Lake                  June 17th @ Monroe Rod & Gun

July 22nd @ Canvasback                   August 26th @ Dundee, Banquet and Lewis shoot will be held September 16th @ Maybee

            There were 57 people present at the January Membership meeting. Support YOUR club!

There will be a rat cleaning February 23rd for the wild game dinner. Contact John Kessler at 734-697-3662 for info.      

                When you come out to the club for any event, make sure you sign the membership book located inside of the back room of the club. The club by-laws require you as a member to sign the book at least 12 times per year.

                A motion was made by John Kessler and seconded by Dennis Sisung to make an addition to the club by-laws Article II, MEMBERSHIP AND DUES, Section 4, Lifetime. The motion was that Lifetime membership could also be achieved if the person was an Active member in good standing for a minimum of the previous ten (10) consecutive years and adding the member’s age to their consecutive years of Active membership to achieve a score of 75 points. The vote was 39 members for the motion and 6 members against the motion. The motion passed.

                Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Sisung and his family in the loss of Dennis’ father. 

Dues Are DUE!!!

Membership Dues are now due for 2012 and must be paid by January 31, 2012.  If your dues are not paid by January 31st, this will be your last newsletter. Dues are $80.00 plus $10.00 for each work hour that you “do not” have “STAMPED” by a Director, Club Officer, or Committee Chairperson, on your club membership card.  When you pay your dues, you MUST present your membership card with your money. NO EXCEPTIONS! Dues may be paid by mail (see below). NEW MEMBERS cannot buy their hours in their first year of membership.  You MUST work your hours for the first year of membership!  If you are putting your dues in the safe at the club, please include your original membership card (NO COPIES) and include the correct amount of money due in an envelope marked “2012 Dues” on the outside.  To pay by mail include your original membership card (NO COPIES) along with the correct amount of money due (check or money order) and mail them to Matthew Goodman, 4665 E. Newport Rd. Newport, MI 48166.

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8th Annual Wild Game Dinner for 2012

Plans are now being finalized for the 8th Annual Maybee Sportsman Club Wild Game Dinner that will be held on February 25, 2012.  Tickets are now available. There are 150 tickets available for the dinner.  The cost is $30.00 per dinner.   It is time to start thinking about making donations of wild game for this dinner.  Venison or Elk quarters work well for the food preparers.  We are looking for Venison, Venison Burger, Elk, Rabbit, Pheasant, Squirrel, Duck, Goose, Salmon, Wild Boar, Bear, Etc.  We are also looking for door prizes and raffle prizes for the dinner.  Anything in the way of sporting goods items or outdoor items would be appreciated.  Contact Mike Jaworski at 734-587-2997 if you would like to donate wild game or any door prizes or raffle prizes.

Steak Roast February 11th

John Little, James jr., Dave, and James Vincent sr., will host the February 11th Steak Roast. Help is always needed. 80 steaks will be purchased for the next dinner. The January steak roast was hosted by Lee Schmitz and Tony Weatherholt.  39 Dinners were sold at the January steak roast. Thanks to Lee Schmitz, Tony Weatherholt, and all of the other helpers that made the January steak roast a success. Sig Hurlacheck won the next free dinners. For new members in the club, a steak roast is not hard to host or to help with and it is an easy way to get your work hours in. The cost of a Steak Dinner is $13.00. If you can host a Steak Roast or wish to help with one, please contact Dennis Williams @ 734-467-5282 and let him know that you would like to help out.  Come out and support YOUR club!

Steve Stull Memorial Chili Cook-Off February 18th 

The Steve Stull Memorial Chili Cook off for 2012 will be held February 18th.  Dennis Williams is the chairmen for the event this year.  The rules for this year are the same as last year in that you MUST cook your chili at the club. You may cook more than 1 entry.

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  Join in for a full day of fun.  There is no limit on how much or little chili you can make, just realize that you will need enough for the judging and the connoisseurs of fine chili to have a taste or a bowl.  Judges are needed!!!  We would like to have five judges but can make due with three judges if necessary.  If you would like to be a judge or need other information, please contact Dennis Williams @ 734-467-5282. Judging will take place at 4:00 pm.  The entry fee for this year remains at $5.00 with ½ going to the club and the other ½ to prize money. We will be paying out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize just as in the past.

New Years Eve Party December 31st

The New Years Eve Party held December 31st at the Maybee Sportsman Club was a huge success. The party was hosted by Art Bleau and Doug Gilson. There were 40 people in attendance. Everyone had a great time.

Varmint Shoot February 4th  

The Varmint Shoot will be held February 4th at 10:00 AM.  Sign in from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Center fire starts shooting @ 10:00 AM.  Contact Tom Gray @ 734-439-1976, Dave Rochon @ 734-461-6090 or Dennis Sisung @ 734-654-9747 for more details.

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mp3_minang_boy sandi 30-3D Archery Shoot February 12th

There will be a 30-3D archery shoot at Maybee Sportsman Club on Sunday February 12th. Setup is Saturday February 11th from NOON until complete. Contact Chuck Siffer at 734-439-7466 or Josh Everett at 419-467-7700 for more information.

MCCC Traveling Trap League

We are in 4th place in the MCCC Traveling Trap League. We are only 3 birds out of 2nd place. There were 179 shooters at the Maybee Sportsman Club on January 8th for the shoot. This is the most shooters we ever had. The next shoot will be at East Rockwood on Sunday February 12th. On March 11th we will shoot at Carleton. Come out and shoot to support your club!

4 Wheeler Raffle

The tickets were drawn at 8:00 PM, December 31st at the Maybee Sportsman Club New Years Eve Party. The winners are: Brad Beaubien won the 1st prize drawing for the 4 wheeler. Dan Radocaj (DJ) won the 2nd prize of $200.00. Don Fredricki won the 3rd prize of $150.00. A special Thank You to all who sold and/or purchased tickets for this raffle.

Winter Indoor Archery League

The winter Indoor Archery League started shooting Tuesday, January 10th at 7:00 PM. It will run for 10 weeks. The cost is $40.00 per person for club members and $50.00 per person for non-club members. They are shooting in 3 man teams the same as last year. We have 23 shooters. We could use 1 more shooter to even up the teams. Contact Chuck Siffer at 734-439-7466 or Josh Everett at 419-467-7700 for more information.

Big Buck Contest

The judging for the Big Buck Contest took place at the January 19th membership meeting. Brian Mullins won the big buck contest with a very nice rack. Al Gramlich won 2nd prize for the best deer camp story. Thank you to all that entered.

Military Rifle Shoot Saturday February 11th    

There will be a Military Rifle Shoot each month. The Saturday shoot is at 4:00 PM before the steak roast. Contact Dennis Sisung @ 734-654-9747 for details. Watch the calendar for any change in dates or times.  The fee for the Military Rifle Shoot is $5.00 for club members and $6.00 for non-members with prize money paid.  Any Military Rifle is allowed.

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  The rifle used must be stock, open sights, and unmodified. We shoot 20 rounds of rifle and 5 rounds of handgun. The handgun must be stock with open sights and may be any caliber. Handgun is 5 shots @ 25 yards. Rifle is 10 rounds @ 50 yards and 10 rounds @ 100 yards on the rail or prone. We would like more shooters to participate.

A Fun Function For All

Starting Wednesday February 1st at 11:00 AM and every Wednesday following a group will get together at the club to play cards, shoot the bull or shoot trap (weather permitting) if there is enough interest. If enough interest is shown a light luncheon may be a possibility. The luncheon will be discussed on February 1st.

Club Apparel

Club apparel is in the showcase!  Martin Okkerse is the contact person for club apparel.  Decals of the club logo are now available for $6.00. A good stock of shirts from Medium to 2XL is on hand.  There are also 2 Extra Large jackets in stock. See the club website for pricing on club apparel. Contact Martin Okkerse before 8:00 PM at 734-587-3566 or see him at the Membership meetings to order shirts, hats, jackets, or any other items that you may want embroidered with the club logo. There is a price list posted at the showcase.

Sponsoring New Members

When you sponsor new members, remember the dues are $80.00 per year and the initiation fee is $100.00 ($180.00 total).  Make sure their money is included with their application and that the prospective new members know that they MUST WORK their hours the first year of membership. Applicants for Associate membership should show up at the meeting when they are being voted into the club or have a good reason why they can’t be there.


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Newsletter and club use Information: E-mail Dennis Goodman at or call 734-586-3036.






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